About Descorbeth

Descorbeth: A destination for art that you can wear.

Through revelation, Descorbeth recognized that most women love finding great jewelry, yet in most cases even high-end jewelry use low-quality materials that often break easily or leave the skin irritated.

To solve this problem for fine jewelry lovers Descorbeth was born.

Descorbeth is wearable art that uses handcrafted semi-precious stones to design and create beauty that will be sure to get compliments as it adorns your neck, ears or wrists. Made in the US, the magic behind Descorbeth is the natural semi-precious stones used to craft individual one-of-a kind pieces.

You will be confident in knowing that when you purchase the wearable art of a Descorbeth original you will have a timeless piece that is authentic and illustrates your personal style. Descorbeth focuses on memorable pieces that will be sure to tell the story of who you are long after you are gone; a story that will be told for generations.

Descorbeth custom jewelry design is more than a brand it’s a legacy. This legacy is brought to life as even the youngest Descorbeth has a hand in the crafting of the unique pieces. A family affair, both Descorbeth daughters help to make the jewelry which adds to the innocent and purity of each high-quality piece.

We often hear that the family that prays together stays together; a family that creates together transcends the test of time.

Are you on a journey to find unique, one of a kind jewelry that will start a conversation and stop others for a second glance? Your destination is Descorbeth.

The time is now to begin your journey. Start with a consultation or browse our top selling pieces located on the home page.